Policies (COVID related)
Daisy Club Aims and Plans For September CHURCH.pdf
Daisy Club Covid-risk assess CHURCH.pdf
Outing risk assessment - escorting children to and from school walking and car.pdf
Parents Contracts AUG 2020.pdf
Parents Covid-19-agreement CHURCH.pdf
Risk Assessment - Escorting children to and from school CHURCH.pdf
Track and Trace policy CHURCH.pdf
parents privacy notice .pdf
registration form NEW CHURCH.pdf
Activity Risk Assessment policy - Role play area 2.pdf
Administering medication-2018.pdf
Admissions and Fees-2018.pdf
Aggressive Behavoiur policy 2018.pdf
Anti-Bullying Policy-2018.pdf
Arrivals and departures-2018.pdf
Asthma Policy 2018.pdf
Behaviour management policy 2018.pdf
British values policy.pdf
Child Induction Policy-2018.pdf
Complaints Policy -2015.pdf
Confidentiality policy.pdf
Dangerousplants policy 2018.pdf
Emergency evacuation-2018.pdf
Environmental Policy 2018.pdf
Equal opportunities-2018.pdf
Fire safety and risk ass policy-2018.pdf
Health and Safety policy 2018.pdf
Healthy eating policy 2018.pdf
Illness and accidents policy 2018.pdf
Illness and infectious diseases Policy.pdf
Internet safety policy 2018.pdf
Intimate care policy 2018.pdf
Introduction to GDPR letter.pdf
Involving parents policy 2015.pdf
Lock down policy.pdf
Manual handling policy-2018.pdf
Missing Children-2018.pdf
Mission statement policy 2018.pdf
Mobilephone policy 2018.pdf
Outing risk assessment check list.pdf
Pandemic flu policy-2018.pdf
Participation policy 2018.pdf
Partnership with parents and carers.pdf
Prevent Duty Policy.pdf
Privacy agreement GPRD. 2018.pdf
Retention Policy.pdf
Risk assessment-2018.pdf
Safeguarding Childrens Policy -2018.pdf
Site Security Policy. 2018.pdf
Smoking alcohol and drug policy 2018.pdf
Snack Food Risk Assessment 2018.pdf
Snow and Ice Policy 2018.pdf
Special educational needs policy.pdf
Uncollected children-2018.pdf
Visitor policy 2018.pdf
Whistleblowing policy 2018.pdf
ofsted report.pdf